How retailers and suppliers are coming together to improve on-shelf availability

Why Retailers And Suppliers Should Embrace Multi-Level Collaborative Replenishment?

Retailers and suppliers suffer from poor product and on-shelf availability. This will jeopardize revenue and disappoint customers. To cost-effectively address the continuing out-of-stock problem retailers and suppliers should recognize that they are jointly responsible. For getting products all the way to the shelf and/or moving towards a more collaborative approach to the replenishment process. What they need is a Multi-Level Collaborative Replenishment solution.

After reading this whitepaper you will understand:

  • Why the replenishment process needs to change
  • Why it’s beginning to change now
  • What the Multi-Level Collaborative Replenishment process stands for
  • Why retailers and suppliers benefit from adopting a collaborative replenishment approach and platform
  • How Datalliance is enabling the new world of replenishment