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A new year always brings excitement and 2016 is no exception..  As we reach the middle of February we have already had our first new software release.  Every time we issue a release of the Datalliance VMI application, we balance improvements that everyone can see and use and updates that improve the core of the software and set the stage for future improvements.  This release was no different.  We rolled out enhancements to order point management, worksheets, event handling and returns automation.  We also added items such as Australian time zones and have set the stage for eventually replacing Java in the application.  All releases are focused on our commitment to ensuring you have the best tool to manage replenishment.

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Finally, I want to invite everyone to join us in Cincinnati May 9-11 at the 2016 Datalliance Forum.  We have an exciting agenda that is focused on helping Manufacturers and their Customers work together to optimize their use of Datalliance.   Our theme this year is Partnering for Success!  Registration is now open.   Visit the website to learn more or you can register at The Forum Website

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The Datalliance Blog

In June of 2015 we launched the Datalliance Blog on our redesigned website,  If you aren’t familiar with the term Blog it is discussion or informational articles published on the web focused around a particular topic.  While we knew we wanted to blog about topics related to Datalliance developments, vendor managed inventory and trends in replenishment optimization, we weren’t quite sure how it was going to play out.  We started out with topics like “Forward Thinking: VMI Can Help Companies Thrive Post NAECA 3” and “Requirements for Successful VMI Partnerships”. 

Our plan was to publish some content and then start to promote the Datalliance Blog.  When we started, only 3 people in the company contributed content.   And based on their experience we began to engage other Datalliance employees to share their perspectives and expertise.  As you know, Datalliance employees know more about vendor managed inventory and replenishment best practices than anyone on the planet!
So take a minute to check out the blog at to learn about “Product Management”, “The Future of VMI”, “What Sabermetrics and Inventory Management Have in Common”, “Trading Donuts for Dollars” and much more.  While you are there just register your email and get a notice whenever a new topic is posted.

On January 29, the newest release of Datalliance VMI became available to all users.  A number of important new capabilities focused on adding more flexibility and increased ease-of-use in several important areas. Enhancements were driven by feedback from the global user community combined with Datalliance’s vision for the continued evolution of the VMI process. New capabilities are available for immediate use by Datalliance customers and their trading partners at no cost, and with no need to install or upgrade software. Datalliance delivers enhancement releases three times per year, with nearly 50 releases having been delivered to date.

Enhancements in this release include important new capabilities for order point management, replenishment order review, event handling and returns automation. Highlights include:

  • Order Point Management: new capabilities for identifying significant negative demand and managing its impact on replenishment, as well as options to manage the replenishment of items to a min or max number of days-of-supply.
  • Replenishment Order Worksheets: new order generation rules allowing order worksheets to automatically be built for negative available items on non-order days, as well as the ability to review all key replenishment values in both supplier or distributor unit of measure.
  • Event handling: new configuration options to simplify distributor/supplier communication and handling of event (e.g. promotion) quantities.
  • Returns automation: a number of new capabilities to increase the flexibility of building returns, eliminate items that are out of scope, and improve visibility to the status of a return.

In addition, system availability in Australian time zones is being added as of this release to support growing Datalliance activity in the Asia/Pacific region.
As with every release, a number of general technical and performance enhancements are also included to further support overall system scalability, reliability and availability.


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