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We are just about at the halfway point of the year and already 2016 has been a productive and exciting year.  I would like to thank everyone who attended the Datalliance Forum in May.  Our theme was "Partnering for Success" and we really took that to a new level with our largest group of attendees ever.  We had some very successful new sessions that focused on networking and sharing answers to common questions and business approaches that all companies face.  I also would like to especially thank our speakers this year.  Their effort and time is greatly appreciated and help to make the Forum a huge success.

I would also like to encourage everyone to register for the Datalliance Blog.  Our spotlight story below is a sample of some of the great content you will find on a regular basis.  It seems like a stretch to say that Brad Pitt can teach us about VMI but I encourage you to read the story below and then click into the blog.

Finally, I want to point out the innovation section of the newsletter below.  We just rolled out our second new release of the platform this year.  As a reminder we update the platform three times every year.  It is our goal to keep all our partners on the cutting edge of VMI and so our releases are an important part of fulfilling our commitment to our user community.
Carl Hall, CEO/President Datalliance
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What Brad Pitt Can Teach Us About VMI

Big Data, and the attendant analytics and mathematics, are becoming a bigger part of our social and business landscapes. There are examples of math and data's increasing importance all over our culture. was originally one guy using statistics to look at elections. Then he partnered with The New York Times and ultimately, was acquired by ESPN. Now his staff numbers in the dozens and provide an econometric look at sports and whatever else they find interesting. Randall Munroe, the NASA roboticist turned cartoonist responsible for the webcomic xkcd, has written two best-selling books and one of the best lines ever, ", based on aerodynamic calculations, Aroldis Chapman could probably throw a golf ball about sixteen giraffes high."

It's not just the web. If you are reading this blog, it is quite likely that you have also read Outliers or Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, both of which discuss math heavily. In the past few years, there have been a slew of movies about mathematicians, economists, and scientists including movies about Turing, Nash and Hawking. In fact, there is a movie out now about the early twentieth century mathematicians Hardy and Ramanujan. In business, grocery stores have long been using loyalty cards to collect data and serve up personalized coupons.

But it's sport that seems to have seized on to analytics with the most relish. Sabermetrics is now de rigueur in baseball to the point that spellcheck autocorrects if you misspell it. It has caught on in basketball too. The Spurs have been looking at statistics, and winning, for what feels like forever. In football, the Browns recently hired Jonah Hill's character from Moneyball. I think the best example of the idea that math is used by winners comes from Moneyball. When Hollywood decided to make a movie about a guy who thought "You know what baseball needs more of? Math!" they cast Brad Pitt. If twenty years ago, someone had said, "Let's cast the good looking guy from Thelma and Louise as the 'math guy'" they would have drawn incredulous stares. In this new, data-friendly environment, Moneyball was nominated for 6 Oscars including Brad Pitt for Best Actor.

Datalliance announces immediate availability of the latest release of the cloud-based Datalliance VMI platform with a number of important new capabilities focused on enhanced productivity, flexibility and ease-of-use in several important areas. As with all releases, enhancements were driven by feedback from the global user community combined with Datalliance’s vision for the continued evolution of the VMI process. New capabilities are available for immediate use by Datalliance customers and their trading partners at no cost, and with no need to install or upgrade software. Datalliance delivers enhancement releases three times per year, with over 50 releases having been delivered to date.

Enhancements in this release include important new capabilities for forecast handling, shipment date planning, order worksheets and reporting. Highlights include:

  • Enhanced forecast handling: a new option to configure a location to automatically use an external forecast when provided (e.g. third party retail data or customer forecast).   
  • New supply chain planning calendar: a new site closure calendar and associated capabilities that alert the planner to future affected shipments, and automatically adjust shipment dates when needed. Calendar covers planning office, ship to and ship from locations.
  • Multiple order worksheet productivity enhancements: enhanced visibility and use of external files containing orders to be combined with VMI-suggested replenishment quantities; ability to easily adjust suggested order quantities by selected pack size; enhanced mass order launch capabilities; enhanced alert generation.
  • New Distributor Profile report: a new report that provides an overview of key planning details for a given trading partner. This acts as a quick reference guide for planners and their backups.
  • Federated authentication: compatibility with our customer’s Federated Identity Management (FIM) to enable single sign-on in a complex enterprise systems environment.

As with every release, a number of general technical and performance enhancements are also included to further support overall system scalability, reliability and availability.


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